Project management

We understand project management to mean 360° organisation and delivery of your event. The process always begins with an extensive discussion of your ideas, wishes and expectations, followed by a strategic advice consultation. 

Once responsibilities have been defined, our actual work begins, namely to find and book the right facilities and to procure the necessary technical equipment. We also take care of building management considerations such as extending opening times, arranging for special cleaning, and taking appropriate fire protection and safety precautions.

Together we plan an attractive accompanying programme of events based on your speakers, sponsors and participants. Your specifications and the individual needs of your guests are what matter to us, whether you require a day trip or an evening event, in typical Hanseatic or international style, with a conservative flavour or more out-of-the-ordinary flair.

While the main subject matter is always in the foreground, the success of a conference depends crucially on the quality of catering. We are thus pleased to advise you on catering matters and oversee activities for you in cooperation with sub-contractors. We are pleased to take over the tasks of comparing quotes from and booking catering firms and equipment and furniture rental providers.

The larger the conference, the more labour required. We recruit personnel for your conference, create and maintain a personnel deployment plan and ensure sufficient staffing levels in all areas while the event is being held.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we prepare a timeline and coordinate all logistics processes required for your conference. You can even entrust us with such detailed matters as signage for the conference venue and obtaining event liability insurance.

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If you have any further questions about our congress services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christian Halm
Head of Congress and Event Management
Tel: 040 4838 6361