EUHEA Conference 2016

The international EUHEA Conference 2016 was held from 13-16 July of this year in the University of Hamburg main building and wings, organised by the Hamburg Centre of Health Economics.

Alluding to the seafaring character of Hamburg, the title of the biennial conference this time was "Know the Ropes – Balancing Costs and Quality in Healthcare". Around 700 participants from some 20 countries came together to talk and share ideas about a range of healthcare economics issues. We handled the registration and project management for the conference. The biggest payoff for our work was how the EUHEA Conference 2016 turned out a resounding success for everyone involved!  We are grateful to the organisers for their excellent cooperation.

"The full range of health ecomics!"
A video of the EUHEA Conference 2016 with comments by attendees.

Photos: Asja Caspari