49th Annual DGMS 2016

The 49th Annual Conference of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry was held at the University of Hamburg from 28 February to 2 March 2016.

"Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH supported us with planning and execution of the 49th Annual Conference of the German Society for Mass Spectrometry, with attendance of approximately 400.  We decided to draw on their assistance in the areas of project management, budget planning and sponsorships. In the run-up to the Conference we received comprehensive advice from our project manager and her staff, so we had key issues in focus at all times and regularly discussed these. The responsible project manager was in charge of most activities relating to organising rooms, equipment, furniture and decorations. University Marketing GmbH also handled the entire area of sponsorships. Setup, oversight and dismantling of the commercial exhibition spaces was handled exclusively by Uni Marketing GmbH.

Two project managers were on site at all times during the conference to immediately address any problems, however large or small. The responsible project manager and her staff made the conference a great success, and were lauded by corporate clients and attendees for being a very professionally organised team. For us as hosts it was clearly a great decision to draw upon the assistance of Uni Marketing GmbH for conference organisation. Without the impeccable work done by Uni Marketing GmbH it would not have been possible to organise the scientific and teaching activities in such a completely smooth fashion.

We would like to thank the responsible project manager and the team at Uni Hamburg Marketing GmbH."

Professor  Hartmut Schlüter & Dr. Maria Riedner

Bilder: J.H. Gross