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Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH is a subsidiary of the University of Hamburg.

Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH is a university-owned enterprise that cultivates contacts and relationships with businesses and the public. We provide services, develop markets and provide the University with advice and practical assistance as needed. Our primary activities are:

  • Event and conference management
  • Job placements and recruiting
  • Advertising, promotion and merchandising

Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH was founded in 2002.


Universität Hamburg Marketing GmbH ('UHHMG' for short) now not only works for the University of Hamburg as a permanent conference and event management organisation, but also oversees major projects like Nacht des Wissens ('Night of Science') and the career fair Jobmesse Hamburg and organises conferences for a host of organisations and associations. These services are not only offered for conference projects on Hamburg University campus, but throughout all of Germany.

Your one stop for location finding and organisation

The University of Hamburg offers ideal conditions as a location for conferences and conventions with several hundred participants. It is even possible to hold multiple larger events simultaneously without leaving the conveniently compact University campus. Our diverse assortment of spaces includes splendid auditoriums, seminar and conference rooms and spacious open areas ideal for scientific conferences, presentations and company events. Take advantage of our expert advice on building and room selection! Additional information can be found on this page.

Full-service offering

We not only find the most suitable location for you, we can also take over organisation of your event from concept down to implementation. Professional, reliable and well-connected. Your event might be held in Hamburg, but it need not be, as the strength of our network allows us to offer PCO services throughout Germany. For several years now the department has been charged with overseeing event management for the University of Hamburg, including planning, organising and conducting large events like the freshman induction, children's university events, Kinder Uni, university open day, Unitag ,and the night of science, Nacht des Wissens.

A number of references are provided on our website give you an impression of the kinds of projects we have delivered. We look forward to hearing from you.